Severe Lower Back Causes

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What is an acute pain?

All of us know it, all of us have experienced it, and all of us have suffered from it: acute pain is a part of human existence pure and simple. So you might assume that as something familiar to everybody it needs no further explanation. Not so. As a matter of fact pain is a highly complex phenomenon that is even difficult to define.

In theory pain is necessary as an indicator of some kind of harm happening to our body. We can prove that by very rare cases of people with an abnormal high threshold to the experience of pain: they have a significantly lower life expectancy than the rest of the population and already go through their childhood with cut tongues, split lips, broken bones, torn tendons and bruised skin - they don’t feel much pain so they don’t care a lot to avoid its causes.

On the other hand pain does not always occur proportionally to the amount of harm happening, as we can see from the excruciating pain a harmless infected tooth may cause or the completely painless initial growth of a deadly cancer.

Pain also is related to a cultural environment and a personal preference. We can prove that in several cultures the reactions to certain types of injury or illness are quite different, and we can see that for certain individuals pain can be part of a pleasant sex life.

So finally if we look at all aspects of pain in all age groups, all cultures, all races and both sexes, we can only conclude that pain is when somebody says it is pain and that pain is as strong as somebody claims that it is.

All the many attempts to measure acute pain on some kind of scale have failed so far. Pain, so it seems, is one of the most radical “subjective” feelings we know.

Back Pain Affects Many People

Many people suffer from back pain and this pain can cause many problems for the person involved. This pain could be slight and cause only discomfort, but serious pain could cause loss of employment. Serious pain can also cause loss of sleep and concentration. This pain could also make the person extremely irritable which might mean that friends, family and employers will become alienated from this person. Back pain could be the result of an injury that lasts only a few days, and it could be from a more serious condition that could be fatal eventually. A person suffering from this pain should consult medical experts if the pain lasts more than a few days.

The treatment for back pain will depend on the root cause of the pain. The patient suffering from this pain may have to undergo an extensive series of tests to get to the root of the problem. The series of tests might mean a significant amount of money and time spent before all of the tests are complete. Some people who suffer from back pain find it difficult to get to the root of the problem because the symptoms could be from different conditions. These people might become very discouraged because of their pain.

Relief of Back Pain Might Come from Different Sources

Back pain might be a symptom of lung or ovarian cancer. These conditions are extremely serious and possibly fatal. The successful treatment of these diseases will depend on early detection of the root cause of the pain. If a cancer is the cause of the pain, the treatment will probably be provided by a group of licensed medical practitioners including physicians and nurses. The treatment for this pain might take years of follow up treatment to keep this disease in check. A patient that survives these conditions may have a difficult time trying to fight the disease.

Other conditions that cause back pain might not be so serious, but that does not mean that they are easy to overcome. At times, those suffering from this pain might wish they would die so the pain would subside. The root of back pain could be from the condition of the spine. Problems with the spine might require surgery by a licensed surgeon. This pain might be from a condition that could be relieved through the services of a chiropractor or acupuncturist. These treatments have been shown to have positive effects for the treatment of back pain. Anyone suffering from this type of pain might consult with one of these specialists.

Yoga for Back Pain

While it's common for most people to experience back pain at one time or another, those with chronic back pain can benefit from yoga. An ancient Indian form of meditation, yoga is growing in popularity with Americans, and many have found it helps with a variety of pain and illness.

Yoga started in India, some 4000 years ago and has changed throughout the years and now Americans have put their own stamp on it. Yoga will combine a blend of meditation, breathing, and physical exercises. Yoga can help back pain sufferers, increase flexibility, strength, and relaxation allowing the back to begin to heal itself.

While yoga has been known to relieve symptoms of disease and common ailments, as well as strains and over exertion problems, yoga is just now stepping into the back pain world. The goal of yoga for chronic back pain sufferers is to increase endurance, stability, strength as well as flexibility and it's been known that should yoga be a part of the rehabilitation process recuperation is quicker.

The breathing exercises of yoga, and the meditation help with the body's relaxation and also assist people with coping mechanisms for pain. It's also known to help with anxiety, depression, and the psychological effects of chronic pain. Although most people are questionable when they began a plan with yoga for back pain, it doesn't take long before people realize the benefits from the practice. Those who are not flexible to begin with benefit from yoga the most and because it is non-invasive and has the ability be customized to the individual.

While yoga is considered safe for most people, before you begin any exercise program you need to talk to your physician. There are certain poses within yoga that may need to be customized or modified for those with back problems. Advanced spinal stenosis is one of the conditions were modification of yoga practices will need to be done. Cervical spine disease is one that will also have to have yoga exercise modified to avoid doing head and shoulders stands.

For those with chronic back pain or who have recently injured their back, yoga can decrease recuperation time and alleviate pain as well as help the back return to normal function. It's important before you began any exercise program if you are a chronic back pain sufferer that you speak with your physician and your physical therapist and make sure that any medications will not disrupt any type of exercise program.

There are many different treatments available for chronic back pain, from medications, pain management clinics, surgery, and now noninvasive techniques such as yoga. While exercise is good for the body, no matter how injured your back is, it's imperative that you understand your particular injury and adjust all exercises accordingly for your own chronic back pain situation.