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FDA approves Zohydro, which is several times stronger than Vicodin

Tens of thousands of people die every year from overdosing on painkillers such as oxycodone or hydrocodone. Opioids that are basically legal heroin. Over the past 15 years, sales of prescription painkillers have quadrupled. Almost twice as many people abuse prescription drugs as the number of people who abuse cocaine heroin, hallucinogens and inhalants combined.

After hearing all of that you're probably thinking we could really use another painkiller. Well, have no fear, because the FDA just approved a brand new one called Zohydro. It is a version of oxycontin.

The extra horrible thing about it is that unlike other legal versions of heroin that millions of Americans are already strung out on, this one is not designed to deter abuse.

You see most pain meds on the market are formulated so that their consistencies change when they are crushed. To deter people from crushing them up to inject or snort them now that that matters much obviously because thousands of people abuse painkillers every day.

Zohydro, however, works just as potent when it's crushed. It also contains about 5 to 10 times more of the heroin-like opioid hydrocodone than other pills like Vicodin. Five to ten times more during the drugs clinical trials one test subject actually hoarded the drug and overdosed on it after the study was over. But that didn't bother the FDA too much. Apparently, because Zohydro is set to hit pharmacy shelves in a few months since.

It is super strong and just as potent when crushed. It is only a matter of time before people seek it out and get addicted. And that brings us to the worst part of this story because the company that will be manufacturing this very addictive painkiller also manufactures a popular medication called Vivitrol. And Vivitrol is used to treat people addicted to painkillers so first, they make the potent addictive painkiller, and then they make the pale you pop to help you beat your addiction.

It is not an irony, it is just straight-up crazy crap. It is the perfect representation of the circle of life here in capitalism gone wild America. We got the boys and am the cure for you as long as you continue to buy whatever it is we are pushing. In this case, make no mistake what we are pushing is just straight up heroin.